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2.5i SE N Satnav

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Having had the car for 3 months now I am very happy with almost everything. Having sorted the tyres, replaced the front brakes and all the fluids it now drives well if you ignore the front left wheel bearing hum. However the satnav has a mind of its own. Having calibrated it and then just using it as a map display it seems to wander off track at random moments and can then get totally lost!! It is as if it is working by dead reckoning only with no GPS amendments. So my question is: Should it have GPS and if so where is the antenna? Cheers Edited by mickthemaverick
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Assuming your system is the same as the one we have in the US, the GPS antenna is under the dash cover above the gauge cluster. On a left-hand drive car its to the right of the cluster center line.


Picture is not the right year but the location is about the same as the 4th gen. Picture borrowed from this thread: https://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/navigation-install-oem-244473.html?p=5324471


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