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Tiny areas where stones have chipped the cars paint

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I'm looking for suggestions on the best way to treat n protect these little areas. I mean some of them are an 1/8" of an inch in diameter but all the way down to the metal kinda chip. The one lil pebble hit my car so hard I thought it had came through the car lol. I know cosmetically it's not gonna match I get that. Some rust has already begun.


I was thinking of making the tiny areas off. Then going to sand them down and followed by putting some type of primer on them. Then I was gonna purchase from the dealer a bottle of touch up paint.


So in saying that I'm gonna be hand sanding it what grits would you start with and end with. I realize I just answered most of my own questions typing this. 😆

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When I had the same issue on my Legacy before I sold it, I bought the touch up kit that comes with a rust remover on top of it, so I just used that to remove the rust. Then I put a couple touches of paint and than the clearcoat.
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