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door lock wiring

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I've had the interior panel off my front doors a couple of times recently (new speakers, new door "checks") and now the driver's side master lock button is not working. Because I was plugging/unplugging the wiring connectors to the door panel, and because of the symptoms, I'm pretty sure it's a problem with a wire. The passenger side master lock button works fine, the driver's side master lock button works to unlock but not to lock, the lock solenoid on the driver's side works fine (when I use the passenger side button), and all the window controls on the driver's door work fine.


I'm going to pull the panel off again tomorrow, and hope I just didn't plug that connector all the way in good, and that one contact is bad. But my fear is that somehow I messed up the wire to the connector (not much free-ply in that harness, and it probably got stressed earlier). I'd like to know which wire might be broken.


Best I can tell from the vacation pix, the connector is D7, with the connections shown on page WI-182 (which labels the connector "POWER WINDOW MAIN SWITCH (DOOR LOCK SWITCH"). I'm hoping it's pin 4 or 5. But I'm really not sure. Anyone else ever dove into this ?

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Helpful response from guy at other forum ...


The connector at the door switch assembly is D7, and the wire connection for the "unlock" function is at pin 4, a brown-with-white-stripe wire ("BrW"). (See attached wiring diagram)


To effect a "lock", the switch connects pin 4 to ground (via pin 7, which goes to ground). If there's no visible issue with the wire at the connector, or the pins in the mating connectors, then a quick test might be to ground pin 4 of D7 with a separate wire. If that causes the actuators to work, then the problem is in the switch itself. Another check is for continuity between pin 4 and pin 7 of the connector on the switch when it's in the "lock" position.

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