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OTS grille options for '07 spec.B


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I have an '07 spec.b, so JDM grills won't fit, apparently 05-07 GT grills don't fit, and while the DIY projects from stoplightassassin and nospmoht04 look amazing, I wouldn't have the skills or resources to pull of such a good job. The grille options sticky is old so the pictures don't work and links are dead.


I really want a s402 replica sport mesh grille. The only off-the-shelf thing I can find is the AVO one for GT's which I guess won't fit the spec.b, and the mesh doesn't look good being tight silver mesh. I really hate the chrome wings and for 14 years have despised looking at the front of my car when I know how good the JDM models look.


Please help me out. Looking for something off-the-shelf, a used DIY in good condition, or someone willing to do the DIY if I send them a stock grille.

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