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New STI short shifter

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I see it now, don't know why the image didn't load before. We request pics be loaded via the attachment manager just fyi
So just to make sure I am in compliance, I'll walk you thru the steps I took when I posted the add. I ask you to please tell me where I went astray, and recommend the correct course of action.


I navigated to the most fitting thread.

I clicked add post.

I typed my description.

Just below my description, I see an add photos, files button.

I click the button and navigate to the picture I want to insert.

I select from 3 size options.

After the picture loads, I click submit.


The picture below, is the add pictures, files button.


I look forward to your instructions to ensure I am following your rules. Thank you for holding my hand thru this. I never said I was the most intelligent computer scientist.d5a82e03ce63ee68cffe21e07afca946.jpg


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You can't attach pictures to the legacygt.com server via tapatalk as they are hosted by tapatalk. The legacygt.com rules require them attached through their servers. You'll have to do this via website and not tapatalk.


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