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2021 WRX CVT vs 2016 Legacy Premium...

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Got rid of the 2016 Legacy Premium in March of this year because it was coming up on expiration of extended warranty and wanted to try a WRX. Plus Carvana gave a great price I couldn't pass up....


WRX with CVT in world rally blue is great in sport mode, handles corners great..

The overall ride though is harsh, feel every bump in the road and collects road dirt on the rear end...I figure the 40 series tires and it being a sport sedan contributes to this...


Looking to get back into a 2022 Legacy Sport in Abyss Blue...Yes I'll miss the fun factor of the WRX but not the harsh ride....My 1990 Mustang convertible rides the same as the WRX....Currently 2022 are slowly coming out and Costco Auto program doesn't offer their authorized dealers to do anything...I bought the WRX thru Costco Auto program and was a no hassle process...State of CA penalizes buyers who bring in new cars from out of state....Just be patient and wait till the time is right to get another Legacy.....

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