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2010 Legacy Trunk Latch issue - either doesn't catch when slamming or wont open

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Solved. Closed.



Read through the posts and I think I may need to replace the whole latch?


Hoping to not have to.


Nothing in the way, Tried lubricating the crap out of the latch.


It either won't stay closed or once slamming the hell out of it makes it catch it doesn't really want to release without having someone hit the button while lifting (hard) at the same time?


Anything to adjust or check or bite the bullet?



The Count

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I don’t know how hard it is to pull the assembly apart but you may want to try that as last ditch effort. I had a Toyota with a hood release that wouldn’t latch. I tried greasing it ans using wd40 with minimal success. One night it got stuck open, I pulled it apart and greased and it fixed the issue. When I had it apart I could see that it was going to very difficult to get the grease where it needed to be.
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Yup as mentioned, try spraying some WD40 into the mechanism first, no need IMO to disassemble or replace it just yet.


I had a very similar problem in another car and WD40 cured it.


WD40's mild solvent action IMO freed up the sticky parts. If WD40 makes it work, I recommend following up with a lube to keep it working better longer.

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So I just ended up buying a new latch and installed it and it does the same thing so that wasn't the problem.


It closes but doesn't catch.


I turned my attention to the strike or whatever is not on the trunk lid but it catches onto on the bottom. From what I can see it moves vertically a tiny bit. I tried fully up and fully down and it still is not catching.


Is there a proper alignment/ adjustment DIY anywhere? I can't find one.

Now my trunk wont even stay closed :mad:



Does the worn paint on the striker give any indication? Thanks




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Well I got it to close.


If anyone reads this down the road, there are just 2 x 10mm bolts on the striker (Part #57531AJ000). Make sure to TIGHTEN THEM DOWN ALL THE WAY when you're adjusting it for fit. I wasn't doing that and the force of the trunk will move them away again.


So I got it to work. Sometimes it requires a little bit of oomph to catch the lid. I'd prefer it to just work normally but whatever it closes and opens now so I can't look at it any longer.


Who knows. Maybe my old latch would've still worked if I finessed the striker on the bottom but it was already out and pretty grimy inside so I'm only out the $35 so I'm ok.


Topic Closed thanks to all who replied!

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Solution for wagon - to replace the lock with soft close lock from previous generation Legacy Wagon. It requires backdoor lock hole enlargement and some simple electrician work. If anyone is interested - I can make DIY record about it.
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