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what do you guys recommend for All season tires? (Chicago mechanic shops)


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I have dedicated winters (General Altimax Arctic), have never had a set of all-seasons that performed acceptably in snow when braking. That being said, I am going to have my parents try out Michelin's CrossClimate all-seasons once their current tires are worn-out. They are apparently pretty good in the snow compared to most all-seasons.


EDIT: My parents live in Maryland, drive in snow 2-3x per year, would not recommend anything but dedicated winter tires in Ontario :)

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I'm not a fan of the Nokian WR's. I hated them on my wagon. I thought they would not corner every well.


Conti's DWS work well.

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The Conti DWS are the best I've used for good summer performance and reasonable traction on snow and ice. But with a good all wheel drive system you don't need a great winter tire if you drive sensibly.


I commute over a mount pass all winter and don't like "driving sensibly", so I have I have dedicated snows.


I also went with the Pilot Sport AS4 for my three season (summer) tire this spring. Very pleased, noticeable handling improvement over the Conti DWS, and I don't think they are any harsher or louder.

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