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I really hope I'm not posting in the totally wrong place here. I'm not sure why I don't have permission to post in the for-sale section just yet. I'm looking to list my car.

Anyway, I was expecting to send a ticket request or similar in but this appears to be the support structure.

Let me know what I'm missing in order to use the for-sale section! Thanks :)

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One of the big wigs should reply, but I'm bored, I think this might be the reason (Need 15 posts).


"Notice: Due to increasing new member registrations and issues with members not following the rules in the marketplace, restrictions have been added that require new members to be registered for 30 days and to have 15 contributory posts before they can access the marketplace."


In pink text from the link below


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start a new member thread in the introduction section. start a "build" thread for your engine in the engine rebuild section. post pics in the photo thread for your car/color. 15 posts are easy and we all get to enjoy your car and progress


the 15 posts requirement is to encourage participation not random bs posts. you'll find selling/buying easier when ppl see you adding value, not just using the classifieds.

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4th post down a user asking your same question:


You have PM.


For those who are having difficulty posting, is it in the Member Marketplace? As a new member with less than 30 days on site, and less than 15 posts, you can only view the MM, you can't create a thread, or post in those forums. Information about this in in the For Sale rules on the Home Page, and in the Announcement at the top of each MM forum on the site.


Otherwise, your settings are all correct for the other than private sections of the site.

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