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Alright, any new Subaru meets happening?


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It was PA this summer, and planned for Finger Lakes in 2024...

Not a parking lot meetup, but if you've got a couple nights free, it was an absolute riot this year, and the planning is moving along pretty well for next year.

Lots of 4th gens showed up, and while not all/many were dressed up whips, they were all at least well-loved survivors and all lived through a little hard driving up, over and around some of the local hill country or a group ride.


More would be welcome for future East Coast Meetups.....

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I'm going to be hitting up more meets in the area very shortly. There are no Subaru specific clubs that are open to the public, but I would check out Daikoku NYC as they organize civilized meets that draw a nice crowd of Japanese cars. Also, yes, join us for ECM 2024.

A JDM Container Sharing Service from Japan 🇯🇵 to NYC 🗽

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