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2016 BlueTooth Audio Quality


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Hey y'all. 2.5i with no Harman here. Looking for some direction or maybe even commiseration on an audio problem I've noticed recently when changing over from a mix of solely Aux/Sirius FM playtime to almost exclusively BlueTooth(BT)


Never noticed any audio issues while doing the former two. Practically loved how it sounded but I would have loved even more with better/larger speakers. I changed over to use BT around mid 2020. I've noticed since, and recently even more, that the highs (snares & cymbals) are absolute garbage. This seems to only be when using BT. I noticed it and swapped back to Sirius and found no issues with sound quality.


- Has anyone else had this issue? I've caught wind of some issues/gripes with the head units in this model. The audio is completely unacceptable when its BT. All highs sound like it's coming through a kazoo.


- I am also in the market to upgrade my speakers and add an amp or two for subs/tweeter/door speakers. I don't want to lose the extra features offered by the screen (tire pressure, etc...) but I will gladly lose those if I can fix this audio issue

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Each input source on the 2016 has a different EQ setting. Your main settings don't carry over.


The non-harman sound is shit.


The 2020 legacy has a newer Bluetooth codec, likely v5.0, for clearer audio.

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