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My 1990 Legacy - praise and problems

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My 1990 Legacy was bought new by a small town country doctor in 1990. In 2003 he became Ill and the sedan was parked in his yard. It stayed there until 2020 when his estate was settled. The car had sat in the same spot for over 16 years. I bought it at his estate auction at a good price. The estate had already paid to get it running for the auction(battery, spark plugs with wires, of course a new fuel filter).


The old girl had only been driven 78,000 miles. It will soon turn 81,000 miles.

I had to put on new tires. It had new Michelins that were dry rotted. I also had an oil change/service oil, grease and eyeball the car to see if it needed anything else. The car was pronounced solid by these farm boy experts. I am trying avoid being "butt raped" by mechanics so I'm learning to do all own repairs as best I can. While my wife was dieing of cancer the mechanic we had used for we'll over twenty years really gave me a good butt hurting on two Nissans. I was taking my wife to chemotherapy most everyday but that's another story.


Anyway, I cleaned the oxygen sensor and it ran much better. Then she became hard to start so I cleaned the idle sensor and it was still better. I have ran all kinds of injector cleaner, octiain boosters and such through the the gas and afterwards added a new fuel line and filter. Running very good now except she doesn't idle at all until warmed up. Even then I would give her a 3-4 out of 10 on her idle abilities.


I am mostly looking for advice on getting her to idle like she should.


Lastly it seems mice, squirrel's and such find the plastic covering for Subaru's wire to be very tasty. Much of this is gone and some wires are chewed plum into. No real issues at first but now dead batteries are not uncommon because one thing or another decides to turn on in the middle of the night and keep running until the battery is dead. Sometimes I can pull the correct fuse first, at others I can't.


Any and all advice is appreciated.







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