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05 LGT Limited Wagon 5EAT Driveshaft Replacement


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I have a lot of squeaking from my driveshaft on my car. I'm assuming its the carrier bearing. It also sounds like an aluminum can rattling under the cup holder under load. I'm going to replace it, but I can't figure out which way to go. I was looking at the Dorman replacement, but have heard people say they have problems with vibration with those. Then there's the stock Subaru replacement that is pricey. Also looking at the 1 piece driveshaft from the driveshaft shop, but my car is completely stock and not sure if the 1 piece changes anything. I recently saw a thread about getting one from the driveshaft store. They seemed to be happy with that one and its not terribly priced.


Which route should I go?! I've looked at so much information now that I can't process anything anymore, ha. Thanks!

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It seems like a couple of people have had a good experience with the stockish replacement from the driveshaft store.


I'm guessing this would be the one for my car:




I like the idea of the solid aluminum 1 piece from the driveshaft shop, but it is more pricey.


Link to the one from the driveshaft shop:



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