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Took my filthy outback to a snowy industrial park (professional photos)


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I'm a photographer and filmmaker by trade, and automotive work was what really got me into it. Unfortunately, I rarely get my camera out for anything other than paid shoots anymore, and getting someone to part with money to photograph their car is just about as hard as squeezing a dollar out of an empty wallet. Luckily, I got some motivation this past weekend and decided to practice a bit with my car:






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that second picture is exceptional


Thanks! I think that's my favorite, too.


Nice shots! What's your camera setup. And do you mind sharing your rolling shot rig setup? I kind of want one even thought I have been doing more video than photo lately.


I have a Canon 5Dmk2 with a 24-105L. I have a DIY rig that I've had for almost 10 years now, and it's showing its age. it's actually steel and probably time to retire it for aluminum. I had a suction cup come off during the shoot, so I ended up just clamping it to the roof rack.


Odd to see such great photos of a dirty car.


Thanks, that's kinda the whole feeling I was going for. You never see good photos of vehicles that are dirty, and my car had picked up a LOT of salt and mud, just the perfect amount for the feeling I was wanting.

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Thank you for sharing the solution to this problem. I recently used wedding photo editing services, and when I got the photos, I couldn't open them. When I checked the other photos, I was getting the same error. I thought that the freelancer sends me a virus with the email with edited photos, but the problem was in my Windows settings. I followed your steps, and now I can open photo files on my computer. Thank you for helping, in other cases, I would start writing bad reviews to the freelancers that edited my photos for no reason. Edited by Brigantin
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