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Dodgey Transmission???


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Hi All


I'll preface this with it's my first post and I know very little about cars.


I have a year 2000 legacy GTB, a japanese import into the west coast of canada. Mileage 140,000km. Automatic. Transmission fluids are at the correct level and look clean.


Very slowly over time I have been experiencing a 'burning clutch' like smell (yes even though an automatic doesn't have a clutch perse). My car also tends to want to stay in top gear a little longer than I feel it should, or changes up into top gear (4th?) more quickly than it should. The rest of the time it drives 'normally' apart from when you are pushing it beyond 4500 revs and then it's not delivering the power that it should and the engine sounds different -however this maybe more of a turbo issue - but who am I to say?


Anyhow, from my terrible list of symptoms does this should like I have a transmission/gearbox issue?

I appreciate that it is hard for the readers to diagnose electronically but any help or direction will be gratefully received. Its a good place to start before I venture out to a mechanic.

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