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'05 USDM 5EAT outback to 5MT swap


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Hi all,


First post here. So, recently my dad did an sti 6MT swap on his '05 outback. He said he was willing to give me the leftover parts to try and do a 5MT swap on my '05 outback 3.0r. Parts-wise were 90% there, just needing a master clutch cylinder and assembly. But the big elephant in the room right now is ECU and making it all work. Has anyone done a swap like this or have some ideas about how to make this work?

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Want everything to work? Expect to replace the wire harnesses from a manual car. That is what I did. If you get the ecu from the same year outback. Then only harnesses needed to replace would be the bulk harness and the ecu.


Then there is also the ignition cylinder and biu that needs to be swapped over from the donor car also. Swapping just the ecu will trigger the theft system all those gotta match.

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