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4EAT stuck in 1st gear when cold

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I just bought a Legacy GX2200 4EAT model 1990. I got this issue that transmission is stuck at first gear when engine is cold. after 1min of driving like this - transmission resumes normal operation.

This happens also when ambient temperature is above 30C. ATF level is OK. Could it be a faulty temp sensor?

Appreciate your advice. I couldn't find a relevant thread before posting.

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Since you're non-USDM, I'm only guessing. Does the AT Temp light flash 16 times when you 1st start the car? This indicates a stored code in the transmission's computer (TCM). The flashing isn't the code; you'll need to search online for the process to retrieve the code


I would change the ATF (3 drain>refill>drive cycles to get it mostly replaced as 1/2 is stored in the torque converter) anyway.


The temp sensor could be the issue. Maybe find an online FSM/factory service manual to see how to test it. see attached link.


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In the USA, LH drive cars, it's up under the dash...usually above the brake (and clutch) area. Might need to remove the lower panel, but not the dash.


Doesn't that book tell you? Otherwise, you'll need to Google it. Or use that link I included - if it references your model.



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