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Finding a Transmission

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I have a 91 legacy and the transmission will no longer go into reverse or 4th. It had 437K over a year ago but the odometer stopped but the car has been a great value for me and I would put another transmission in it if I cou8ld find one.


Haven't had much luck finding one in the northeast TN region. Does anyone have any ideas of where to look?

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Post is getting old. But the 5-speed trans from any Subaru from '90-'98 (and maybe later) will work in there. The main issue is the FD ratio. Yours should be 4.11 ('90-'94 non-turbo), which is the same as any Subaru that had a 2.5/EJ25D engine and 5speed. You can use those from 2.2 ('95-'98) but you'll need to swap the rear diff to match the 3.9 FD ratio.


Where to find? Tried Car-part.com? Or Ebay - shipping might not be too bad.

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