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Deep Space Plasti Dip on my wagon

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So I finally committed to plasti dipping my 05 legacy gt. I purchased the DipYourCar starter kit like 5 years but I never committed to dipping any of my cars. Originally I wanted to get my car wrapped but the cost is just so high. This is a happy medium for now. I picked their deep space performance kit along with their new dip armor for protection. I was nervous during the whole process but after I finished I was really happy with the results. And with the dip armor on top it feels like it has a nice clear coat to protect it. I plan on ceramic coating it after a few weeks. Here are some pics













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So sick! Love all the variations of color. Now I have no excuses to plastidip that area on my rear bumper between the mufflers.


How many coats did you do? I think they recommend 7-8 coats?




Yeah you definitely need a lot of coats. It was around 8-10 coats but 2 coats are for dip armor which is kind of extra



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It looks pretty damn good. Can you explain a bit more the process? How was the paint on the car prior to the dip? How much $?


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It’s actually fairly easy. A lot of the work is the prep. Cleaning and masking the car off took some time. I purchased a DipYourCar spray gun I purchased for around $250 like 5 years ago and then I purchased the color this year. The color was around $400 and the dip armor was like $220. So like right around $900 for all of it but you can definitely go cheaper, I picked one of the more expensive colors. As for the process I would just watch a few of the DipYourCar how to videos. I watched a few videos and made notes and then just went for it. This was my first time doing anything like this and I think it came out pretty good. My brother is planning on doing his car now and my neighbor as well.



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