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Bucking, bogging, pulsing

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So I was directed here from the second gen page because my car is technically a first gen.... not sure but here it is




94 Legacy 2.2, auto


Recently bought this awesome car, single owner, 150k miles. Really love this car.


So my car as of yesterday lost power at a stop sign. Did not cut out or anything, noticed CEL popped on so I pulled into a parking lot. The car was “pulsing” at idle. Basically up and down on the RPM, around the 1k mark. Made it home and spent the day testing things out.


When I start the car there is no CEL, but driving it up the road it pops on and the symptoms start, bogging at acceleration, stalling and also surging. When it stalls and I start it back up, CEL is off, then rinse and repeat.


I was looking on the forums here and tried the three easiest things I could find to do.


Replaced fuel filter

Replaced air filter

Cleaned MAF sensor.


No chance after that. Was looking for some guidance because this car is great and don’t want to see a bigger issue take it out. Thank you.




Learned how to check codes on this guy, at first I was only getting 23, but I am now also getting 22.


I inspected the knock sensor and found it to be cracked and corroded, ordered new one last night.

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Yes, MAF and KS are common weak points on these. For others' reference, Get a '96+ white or gray (can't recall what they were originally) used one - just make note of the connector as it changed somewhere around '98, IIRC - it can still be used, just swap it. Subaru updated the part due to the early models' crack-a-lackin'.


For the MAF, the Green label JECS or AUTECS from any '90-'91 2.2 Auto/AT and '92-'98 2.2 (non-turbo) or 2.5 AT or 5-speed Subaru used will also work.


I've read where the New/cheap aftermarket KS are OK, but I'm not so sure about the MAF.

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