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Weird warnings and gauge readings

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My car (2008 outback XT with performance parts and a tune) is pretty new to me. Here's what just happened: Yesterday, I went to replace my cabin filter and discovered none there. The previous owner had routed the wires for the aftermarket (AEM) gauges through there and never put a filter back in. I pushed the wires aside and got it the filter to work.

This might not be related but today, I got a blinking cruise control light, a blinking S mode light and a check engine light--and the boost gauge reads really high (not on the dial, but on the center number displayed). It runs just fine though. So with the little daylight, I had left after work, I removed the filter and checked the wiring connections but I still get the same warnings and gauge issue when I turn the car on. I need to get my code reader back from the dude I loaned it to, but do you have any ideas for me? Do the wires for the boost gauge also go to the car's ECM, or whatever you call it on a Subaru?

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