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05 legacy gt wagon with rota gravels

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So 1 week after the Covid hit and I was told I would be working from home for the foreseeable future. I decided to finally give my wagon the love she deserved. So I put the car on jack stands and went to work. New rack and pinion, bushings, seals, calipers, koni lowering suspension, and of course the rota gravels. 6 months later (several house projects in the way lol) She is finally done and sitting preeeetty. I’m so happy with the outcome. It ain’t much but it was a lot of work and time for me.







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What's the "Koni lowering suspension" you mentioned? Or are you just referring to Koni dampers with some kind of lowering springs?


Yeah it’s the Koni insert struts with H&R springs. The ride is exactly what I wanted for a lowered car. It’s not too stiff and bouncy. I don’t drive my car aggressive so I wanted something that was lowered but still feels OEM. And now that I have changed all my bushings to whiteline the car drives so good. Definitely recommend

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