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Just bought 93 legacy wagon L AWD Help

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I just purchased a 1993 legacy Wagon L AWD in good condition

88k, 1 owner. Im big fan of keeping car maint. up. Does anyone have suggestions/check lists on what to keep an eye on for these 2.2l , own a forester as well with a 2.5 which im too familiar with. Heres the car. Gets a new stock complete stainless exhaust next week including header.




I know they throw codes without the check engine light. I have an obd1 harness. I guess thats it. Just a guy trying to take care of his old car. Driving it over 1k to the beach late august.


Thank you for any replies.

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These are great cars, but have typical subaru problems head gaskets leak oil externally. so watch out new stainless exhaust, it's not a huge problem just check during oil changes to make sure it's not gotten severe and check your oil during every refueling so there are no surprises.


valve cover gaskets should be looked into as well


The engine is non interference so nothing bad can go wrong internally if the timing belt breaks, but if your using it on road trips change it out for peace of mind or bring a new one just in case that almost 30 year old rubber band snaps.


Lots of old vacuum lines, just to check over, again that's almost 30 year old rubber.

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Since it's a 2.2 then it's at least less prone for head gasket issues, even though they could still exist. Valve clearance is also another problem on the older engines.



Keeping an eye on the coolant and the oil often will help you catch the issues early.



Anyway - that car looks to be in good shape.

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