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replace the NAV whit a PC, Illumination problems


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Hi ppl!


I got an 05 Legacy 3.0R spec-B that i got an NAV in, but the thing is that is OLD and i wanna replace it whit PC so i cant get some usefull data on insted of the old clock and battery voltige. =)


Anyway i got the problem where all the buttons on it is not going to work becuse i have removed all the computing stuff inside the unit and useing the houseing for mounting the new display in. got some images





i can trace the signal from the button to this computer, but here ends my skills.



The thing is that the dash are so low light on a sunny day that ist impossible to see screens.

its lights up if i turn of the headlights, but then i live in sweden, where its illegal to go with the headlights off during day.


So my question!

Is there anyway to have that funktion that the button do, but whitout the Nav unit?


bg //F

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