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stuck bell housing stud

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Doing a clutch job on 1992 Legacy L. I have all connections to the transmission removed and out of the way. The car is up on jack stands. I have both a transmission jack and a 3 ton jack.

On this model, rather than have two long bolts at the bottom of the bell housing, it has two long studs. The passenger side came away rather easily. The Driver's side appears to be rusted in place.

To make matters worse, the steering linkage is in the way. I have been careful not to try prying as that damages the bell housing seam. The transmission jack is positioned under the trans to prevent any sudden fall. The engine is strapped to the firewall and there it a wood block between the engine and fan housing. I have tried the following:

  1. Shoving the trans around from the tail.
    2. Lifting the tail using the jack.
    3. Applying PB Blaster.
    4. Hammering the end of the stud.
    5. Replacing the nut and torquing it.
    6. Applying heat. This caused smoke from the starter port so I suspect rear main seal.

Any ideas?

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All I needed was that first millimeter of movement. Because the other three attachment points were free, I was able to slip a butter knife up against the offending stud. I then re-inserted and cranked down on the two bolts and the other stud nut. This created enough leverage to crack the stuck stud free.

Leverage is my friend.;)

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