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Seventh Gen Legacy not coming to Japan

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Hey Guys


It been a while since I posted, and I did not see this posted anywhere here. It looks like Subaru of Japan will not be selling the 7th Gen, but Outbacks will still be offered.




So I guess that makes the 7th gen an exclusive for us in US and Canada. I took a quick glance and noticed, Mexico, South Africa and Europe don't see the Legacy. China and Australia still have the 6th Gen.


I also hope that will not limit any future trims for the Legacy. I am still hoping out hope for another Spec B model or even a tS (tuned by STI) model to replace my 13 3.6R.

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They’re such a, comparatively, small manufacturer and it’s possible that even though they are back in production, the current global situation may have hurt them enough to slowly drop what hasn’t been selling at the dealers. In my community of about 550 residences there are only about 3 Legacys total, including my 15 year old one. There are a ton of Outbacks. I had placed an order for a Legacy Limited XT in January with a projected delivery in May but when it will be produced, if ever, is unknown currently.
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Wow, 4 months to make your Legacy? Maybe they ran out of engines (or prioritizing them for Ascent and Outback). I am considering a Touring XT to replace my 13 Legacy, but the pickings are slim.


At this rate, I may wait to see what the 2021 models offer. I read the next Japanese market Levorg (and maybe the WRX) will offer electronically controlled shocks, so maybe they will be made available for the Legacy.

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The US/CA Legacy Production is in SIA, the ROW production is Gunma. I had noticed that Subaru did not make a 6th Gen Legacy Wagon anywhere in the world, the Levorg is its replacement. It sort of doesn't surprise me that they discontinued the Legacy in Japan. The recent Legacy have been designed for the US market. One thing that is a little scary is if the Legacy US sales drop or stay low, Subaru could decide to drop the Legacy all together.
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