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A bit sad, a bit excited


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I couldn't find a "General Discussion" forum for the Legacy, so I'm posting it here in the "News" section. I suppose it is news, but for myself?


My first car was/is a Subaru Legacy 3.0R. It came from Japan to New Zealand, and I'm the first and only New Zealand owner. I've put about 94k km on it, and have driven it since about 2016. Soon enough, it looks like I will be selling it and going onto my next car.


What's my next car? Well tomorrow I'm going in to look at a 2010 WRX STI. If everything looks good (which it seems to on paper and picture) I will be buying it. The Legacy will sit around home until I fully tidy it up and prepare to sell it.


I only have a few posts on this website, but I have to say the information has been invaluable to all the projects I've undertaken on my car. I've found out little facts I never knew about the car, have read many interesting discussions (while not having posted here much) and have loved the car!


I feel like there is something very special about the Fourth Generation Legacy 3.0R. Everything was RIGHT. It wasn't too big, it had a six cylinder boxer engine and it was.... Well, it was/is just a special car. Nowadays so many sedans are much bigger and also with smaller engines. The EZ30 liked fuel, but it was on a slightly smaller car. It was my first car, and only years after driving it (probably for a good reason) did I realise the power it had.


Yeah I haven't posted much here, but when I sell this car, it is going to be sad to leave the Legacy community. I have gotten a lot of information here, and it has been great! Part of me wonders if I should keep her around; make it a hobby car and tidy it up, rebuild the engine and tune her in my spare time. Who knows right now.


Massive thanks to everybody in this community. Anything I ever Googled about my car, I often found the information here. Discussions and fun facts I found here. We all get sentimental when we sell a car, I suppose I can tie this forum to my car because of what I learned here. Hope I can stick around and share some information maybe.


Well I suppose that's it! If anybody has questions about the JDM 2005 Legacy please ask them! Now is my time to give back.... I don't know everything but I am happy to help.


Thanks, all of you guys rock :)



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