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Ebay steering racks

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Anyone bought one of these $200 import versions






$200, will it last a few years? Any issues. Car is getting expensive trying to get it back on the road and $200 vs $650 for OEM. And I don't believe aftermarket or even imported goods are that less of quality than some OEM.


This could be different, just wondering if anyone bought and installed and if they ran into failures?



2006 Legacy GT Wagon.

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I had a local shop install a new (reman, new to me) steering rack in my car a few years ago and it has been good. The boots developed very very small cracks at the smaller ends after a couple years, which I replaced out of an abundance of caution with oem boots. Napa currently lists the rack at $329 without any discounts. However, the stock images look exactly like the ac delco rack on rockauto which is cheaper @ $272, and they'll give you $100 for your core, so $172, then whatever shipping is. Even the BBB/OE vision rack uses the same images, and it's even cheaper... So I wonder if they all just use the same reman company, or if they all just use the same stock images..



If I were doing the work myself, I'd replace the boots on whatever aftermarket rack with oem boots (like $5 for each boot, I got oem style ear clamps and spring clamps, couple bucks more there). It's much easier to do it with the bare rack, and not have to deal with disconnecting the tie rod ends, and possibly messing up your alignment if they fail a few years down the road.

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