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2.5i issues

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Hey doods, I’m having a mystery issue with my 2015 H4 about 6 months ago when I was doing heavy driving and idling there were a couple times it was not happy ideling and would spit and sputter and had a few rough re-starts/stalling after that, after letting cool and calm. I had gotten out of that position and it never happened again. Well recently I’ve been doing some stuff inside the car and it’s been nippy so I let it run, to have heat (I don’t have a garage) and it’s been spuddering again a bit at idle long periods of time. I’m almost hit 65k so sparkplugs we’re “overdue” after changing them, the issue still is occurring and now it’s doing it while driving, between 1k and 3k rpm (I’m not sure I haven’t found how to reproduce) it kinda feels like a misfire but honestly don’t know what that feels like, There are no codes. Or complaints from the car. I’ve already talked to a mechanicaly inclined bud and he’s not sure off the bat.


Any ideas?


I do have a CAN logger so I’m going to look through that to see if I can spot anything, and I do have the hardware for FreeSSM that I haven’t played with yet, but I’ll do that tonight or tomorrow.

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