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Anyone using a dash cam out there?

Any practical use tips, like if there's a minimum resolution for good results or if any of the bells and whistles are worth while?


Also, I would take any specific suggestions of cams people have used and had luck with.


I did some searching, but there's endless options and I'm looking for a way to separate them all.



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That looks like pretty decent footage, it's got a pretty small foot print and it's cheap.


I see some of them have motion detection... it wold be cool, but not sure I need it. I try to park far away from the general public as it is.

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i've got this one




it's a little large, and i'll be changing it out at some point for something a little slimmer, but if you want something with a screen, and more importantly on screen controls so you don't have to download an app, it works just fine. video quality is good enough, though suffers a bit in low light, so if you do a lot of night time driving it may not be the best option for you.


i know with this one it has basically no battery, so if you *do* want motion detecting you'll need to hardwire it in. easy enough to do with an add a fuse circuit, but a little more involved than just plugging it in to the cigarette lighter.

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Get one that has both a front and rear cam. Also resolution and night clarity is key - the last hint you want is a blurry, indecipherable license plate driving off. I wouldn't worry that much about size (to an extent) since it'll be right next to/behind your rear view and doesn't really block anything.


I have a Viofo A129 in my 4runner and have been super impressed with the quality and how easy it was to get the functions working right. Already saved us over a grand when the missus was rear ended and bent up the exhaust.


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