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The Doctor's '05 White Wagon

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Lol I'm not ready for that type of little shit just yet. Wife is pushing hard though.


I used the sound deadening in the link below and did it all myself. One of the younger guys at the shop (CarTech) did the doors back when it was painted but I re-did all of his work because he did a terrible job. He also no longer works there anymore thankfully.


I think for just the 4 doors, rear seat & cargo area I used about 9-10 sheets. I haven't done anything under the carpet or in the front of the car. The rear is dead quiet now and the dash rattle is more apparent than ever.



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Didn't go crazy on the coverage, maybe 50% or so. I used the knock and tap method as well looking for the most resonant spots and tried to find that sweet spot of vibration reduction without overdoing it and not adding unnecessary weight.


I think I saw in one of your posts that you did some foam/insulation which I haven't done any of that. I'll probably look more into this when I get around to upgrading the stereo and replicating the 11 speaker McIntosh setup.

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Some update pictures for the build. Car is back in the shop getting the final items taken care of and then it's just clutch & turbo break-in and tuning. Stoked to finally have this thing back after a 5 mo project turned into a ~20 mo one. Parts list on the first post has been updated.

Final items are:

- Fuel pulse damper install

- Front & rear window replacements then ceramic tinting

- Couple panels are getting repainted to fix original shoddy work

- Facelift mirrors install

- Engine bay & interior detail 


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3 hours ago, SoobyDoobyDoo said:

Is the S402 lip already on the car? Looks incredible, can’t wait to see this thing for real!!

Yea, I've been really cautious where I drive it for break-in miles with all the construction going on. It should be done by the time we meet-up to give you the JDM bumper and other goodies.

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