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Learning view and reliability tuning


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So I've been reading things here and there. I think that really I'd like to get a proper e tune, but I can't afford it until January at least. I've been using LV to check things and it was suggested in my rebuild thread that maybe I need to increase the resolution of my LV. After reading around, I figured out that's a setting within the tune itself.


So my first question is, would that be helpful? I've been using the LV built into romraider, I'm not sure if it's different than the stand alone, but it looks like this.



I'm obviously not going to see 10k-12k rpm and it's a stock build 08 OBXT so I'm not going to see 5g/rev either.


Next is I've read about the close to open delay. Covertrussian has some detailed posts I've read multiple times, but my stock tune doesn't look like his. Where he has 9 values in cl to ol delay, I just have one value. It also seems like there isn't much else to it. Change it to zero and move on with life.


Am I understanding this right or should I just leave it alone until it gets tuned. I have no intention of making more power with self tuning but I wouldn't mind removing some of the known issues and changing pedal response (I prefer intelligent but would like full boost) and things like that.

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