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9.5s on Subaru Legacy 2008?


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I've seen multiple posts about people fitting 9.5s on their 2008 Subaru Legacys, however whenever I go to my local Subaru mod shop they offer no help at all and tell me not to even try. Can anyone help me with this? I really don't want to drop below 9.5.
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Are you talking about 9.5inch wide wheels? If so, generally most people don't go that route as it involves a decent amount of work. I ran 18x9.5 et38 wheels on my 4th gen wagon and I was on coilovers, rolled and pulled fenders front and rear and on a stretched 235/40/18 tire.
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pssht. 275/30/18 fit on 9.5x18 et35 easily. They fit a 2005 wagon on bc racing c/o easily.




You need fender flares in the rear to cover them. If you don't care about tickets, then fit great.



Why would you want to do such a thing? It doesn't improve your handling at all. And suspension travel is nil.




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