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Rear Door Side Impact Bars Location

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Does anyone know offhand where the side impact bars are located in the rear doors? I need to have PDR done on a large door ding that is just above the bump strip. I'd like to avoid having to pay the added $ for what they would call "obstructed access" when they do the PDR. I kick myself because I just finished replacing the left two doors on my silver Legacy ~2 months ago and I forgot to note where these bars are when the door was off and apart.


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Good idea. Gave it a try. All I can see is the lower rear curve of the door and a shiny glass reflection blocking the view where I think the two bars are located. I'll try my makeshift usb endoscope down this small gap when the window is down...
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So I was dumb and forgot about looking for the weld marks. Unfortunately our door is difficult and I can't be certain these are them but I think so. One is marks on either side of the electrical in. The others are in the upper corner under the molding so I'm thinking it's diagonal center to upper rear. It might however have two bars. There are spot welds around the big silver bit that goes into the unibody. I wouldn't be surprised with a half frame door. Don't have access to fsm atm and can't find anything good online either.


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