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BE/BH turbo Legacy 5 speed into BL/BP - compatibility question


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Casually looking into trans options, since the old 5 speed in my 05 LGT is getting a little noisy and had quite a bunch of metal shavings on the drain plug when I drained and filled it last week. Still shifts fine, but the writing's on the wall.


The obvious option going forward is STI or Spec B 6 speed, but I'm not sure the power I'm targeting justifies the cost so I'm not ready to jump on that bandwagon just yet. Direct replacement 5 speeds are cheap and plentiful, but I've stumbled upon a JDM 5 speed with a front LSD, which would be nice given the trans costs about what a direct replacement would.


P/N is TY754VBBCA. Same ratios and FD as the BL/BP trans, and a likely front LSD according to the Rallispec sheet. Anyone have any experience regarding compatibility? Axles, sensors, etc? I suspect I'll have to dig into the manuals on this one, but thought I'd ask first.


Thanks in advance!

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Contact Zach Fothergill (ZF Design) at thezfdesign.com in Colorado. He should have your answer. When you’re ready to have him build you a tranny, he’s your guy. Currently running his custom built STI 6 speed in my track car
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