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12.8" Tesla Style Rotation IPS Screen D Din ?


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I bought a pioneer unit that fits in the double din that has Apple CarPlay & wireless.


I recently saw these on YouTube.. curious if anyone has installed any of these larger screens in our cars? I’m assuming they will block all vents and shift. What are your thoughts... The only reason I would like a bigger screen is for navigation and backup camera.. My Gut is telling me to go with the pioneer since it will be stable and will fit in the double din and not obstruct anything. Looks like it also has Climate control compatibility for the major brands. I have not emailed them wonder if it would be compatible.. That would save users in buying the JDM kit..







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Looks too big and not really seqmless. Looks apparently extra and blocks the vents as you said. Also aren't the Tesla screen like built into the dash? I was checking out Beetronics for a car PC display. I like that they are full HD even in the 7" size on some and don't have buttons on the front like some of the Xenarc monitors do, but the Xenarc seem to have the sunlight readable displays. Thinking about building my own PC with a fanless mini itx enclosure and fit the biggest screen in dash portrait orientation with a custom dash trim. Id like to find someone who can do aesthetic carbon fiber trim for that. If I go with this 12" touchscreen I wonder if it will fit in the vertical orientation with some custom trim as is only about 7" wide. https://www.beetronics.com/12-inch-touchscreen-full-hd


Was already considering the clock relocation mod and cutting and jumping the usdm auto climate control to separate it from the stereo head unit. With a custom dash trim I might be able to maximize space by moving everything tight together. I kinda like the idea of still having the cigarette lighter even though I don't smoke and nobody will be smoking in my car!


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