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Installed footwell illumination kit

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This is pricey since it is a factory kit but was a fairly easy install. Kit was in a plastic bag with the two white LEDs, a wire harness, five zip ties, and two pieces of padding. Need to pop off four lower dash pieces (only two screws), run the wire, zip tie, plug things in and you are done.


It seems to be brighter than other brands and is nice that it is tied into the dimmer switch.

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The Footwell Lighting feature on our 2020 OB XT Touring came factory-installed as ordered. The footwell lighting that I'm familiar with, is largely operational with the open/closed front doors and/or the interior all-on light switch. I can name several cars that I've owned or currently own that are like this.


Not these Subi Footwell Lights. Their operation is always on, yet with a dimmer function. .. Kind of useless IMHO.

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Cheers, Mike



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Not useless but you are right, I expected them turn on with opening the doors and they don't. They only come on with the dash lights and the dash lights aren't synced with the doors.


I am used to the footwell lights being tied to the headlights so are on while driving (but also come on when opening the door with auto headlights). Since always on in the dark they really can only be for accent lighting and can't be too bright - other cars have red and blue showing it is just for looks. The ones I had were dim enough that sometimes I wasn't sure if they were working with just opening the door.


For the price Subaru charges these should be tied to the door - full brightness when open then dash brightness when doors closed.

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