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Loud rattle noise from inside dash on startup

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So for at least a solid month or two now my Outback 2007 has been making a horrible buzzing/whirring noise from in the dash. It is present at startup for up to around 30 seconds, occasionally randomly during driving, and often but not always on shut down.

The noise is not affected by any accessory including aircon/fan being on or off. everything is working fine.

It first made the noise about a year ago, and when i took it for a service in January it didn't make the noise that day (was only intermittent at that stage)

so he didn't hear it and couldn't help me.


any ideas? its really annoying!

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i am almost sure it is the servo that control the air mixture/temperature for the air conditioning/system it is called hvac something.



the part cost about 30 ion ebay, and it depends if its the upper or lower, and how handy are you to save on the fix.

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