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PnP VF46 or stock VF52

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I know this isn't the most exciting topic but :) I have ~120K miles on my second (bought with 90K miles on the clock) VF46, (first one lasted 161K miles) it's not failing, but I want to replace it on my terms vs it dying.


I have the option of a stock VF52 or a PnP VF46 (Hot and Cold side). I would have my tune altered for either option, but I also do not want to touch the stock fueling system.


On one hand I think the slightly larger 52 would run more efficiently on the other hand a PnP 46 might not be that far off from a stock 52.


Which one would y'all pick?

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I’d go VF52, it’s really the way these should have come from the factory. Just big enough to hold power better up top but still small enough to make it really drivable Don’t think you’ll see that much of a diff with a PNP Vf40 as compared to a stock VF52. Barely noticed a difference when going from the vf40 to the VF52 as far boost response but really felt the in the higher revs
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I like my VF52 - but more and more finding with the Auto it gets caught in lower RPM Ranges (requiring a little extra time to spool) when not driving spiritedly....


I wonder if a ported VF46 - would be a better option for an auto car?


But either one is a good option.



EDIT: FYI - I run my VF52 on stock injectors - but have a DSW365 Pump installed

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IIRC it is the wheel size & compressor housing are the two biggest difference from the VF46 to the VF52. But JMP has been able to stuff a VF52 wheel into a VF46 housing.


With that being said the PNP VF46 will not be far from the VF52 but you will notice it drop off in the upper RPM's and it will also need to be at a higher PSI to make the same amount of power as a stock VF52

#LGTSTi is still cheaper and nicer then an equal year wrxsti

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