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No check engine light but car stalls and overheats when it is fully warm.


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No signs of head gasket failure, the car dies when I put it into drive and reverse. But if it's in neutral or park, it runs fine. My coolant overflow bottle remains dry even when the temperature gauge reads overheating "which means that the head gasket is still intact. I got no smoke out the tailpipe whatsoever.
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I was waiting for my code reader to come in the mail so I could go further on my own. The car is getting a code P1718. I have not started the car sinse due to being lazy. But I think its a bad TCM, TCU, CAN or a bad Wire in one of those units.
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Do your fans come on? Diagnosing CAN issues can be very difficult. If you can communicate with the TCM I wouldn't think that's the issue but at the same time, it dies when going into gear. My first order of diagnosing a CAN issue like that is I do a full system scan and see if communication is lost with any other modules. If you have no communication with let's say the ABS module, this is most likely going to be your problem. I'll have to look at the wiring diagram but the overheating issue could be related to the ECM. Find out if the fans come on when it gets up to temp, if they dont, check the wires to see if you're missing power or ground.



For reference, I had a Veloster come in with every light on the dash except the charging system light. No communication with ABS, TPMS, SRS and a few others. The ECM had around 6 codes, all pointing in different directions. The fix? The secondary air pump went bad and shorted out the shared 5 volt reference signal. I was able to unplug the air pump and communication was restored with all modules.

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