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HELP: Rear electronic parking brake motor plug

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So, I broke a plug on the bottom of the (i believe to be) electronic parking brake motor just behind the rear break caliper. I was replacing the pads, and did not realise how easy it should be to take that plug off (im used to my 25+Y/O chevy) but i seem to have snapped the retaining clip off the wire end of the plug. Now the parking brake light is flashing while the wife drives. I called a local Subaru parts dealer, and they said it would be $82 for the whole harness. looked for something at the local pick'n'pull, but the legacy is too new. any other options? or am i forced to replace the whole harness? either way i'm fixing it, I've only driven it once and it bothered the F*** out of me.


also, if i do end up going with the harness, anyone have a diagram as to what it entails? he only mentioned that it was a "bit" of wire involved. I'll probably go down and look in person this afternoon.


thanks for any help you can give me!


TLDR:spin:; i broke the plug on the bottom of the E-brake motor, got any replacements or ideas besides a $82 harness?

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Attached is the Parking Brace Actuator section from the 2016 Legacy Service Manual.

Shows the harness replacement procedure.


Thank you!


This looks surprisingly painless! (Pun intended)


Appreciate the help!


Any chance either one of y'all have the correct part number for the parking brake harness? I can't seem to find it on the Subaru parts website for my 2015.

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I secured mine with a zip tie. The connector would snap in but not lock.

That issue is addressed by TSB 06-63-18. See attachment. The zip tie fix seems to work, and it's certainly simpler than replacing the EPB harnesses.


"If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there." ~ The Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)


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Thanks for the info on the TSB. I’ll be checking the VIN tonight.

The zip tie works until I hit a bump and then the connector comes loose again.


I like the quote at the end of your posts. Reminds me of a mentor who when questioned on whether he was lost would say “Nope, no matter where you go there you are and everybody has to be somewhere.”

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