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Help identify fuel injector

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So I recently took a gamble with purchasing a 05 Legacy GT. The car runs okay for the most part except some surging when driving in highway. I've been trying to track down what is causing the surging and have gone through replacing an o2 sensor, smoke testing, replacing coils. I recently took out the injectors out of the car but am confused as to what injectors they are. I researched the stock injectors and they're supposed to be yellow top injectors if they're stock. Supposedly the injectors were aftermarket from what I was told. The only markings on the injectors I pulled out are the following:


Jecs A46-00


Hopefully my picture posted properly as it is my first time posting here. When researching the injectors that were pulled, I've came to the conclusion that they're possibly injectors from an earlier model Legacy or injectors from a Nissan (which would be very weird maybe?). Any help? Could this possibly be causing AF correction to fluctuate?




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Never seen them before, but quick Google search does show that they're sold as replacements for sidefeed Nissans. Not very good reviews, as it seems plenty of aftermarket (even though they claim to be OE rebuilds) do.


Alibaba sells them as a Subaru injector, though. The flow rate is almost right for the car - ad says 550cc whereas stock injectors are 565cc. If the injectors worked right, you'd probably run a little bit lean but not much, unless injector scaling (and probably latency) was adjusted in the tune. However, I wouldn't trust an injector sold on Alibaba for 70 bucks a set brand new, personally. If one or more of them is intermittently failing it could absolutely cause a surge.




I'd buy a set of old OE injectors and have them cleaned/rebuilt by Deatschwerks or similar. Subierecycler.com is a good source for stuff like that, and folks on the forums probably have some too. I know I have two or three sets of old yellow sidefeeds sitting in storage.

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