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Wiring issue/lighting issue

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I bought a 07 N/A USDM legacy wagon a few months ago and haven’t touched it much since as it wasn’t working but I’ve decided i wanna do something with it so I’m wondering if anyone know how to fix my problem or could help in any way. My legacy has a stick coming out of the left side of the steering wheel. 1st click makes the taillights and headlights come on and those work fine. 2nd click kills the tails and makes the headlights go to the brighter setting. When I put the parking brake down it kills all lights. My parking brake switch doesn’t do anything at all. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?



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Wow that sounds like a nightmare. 1st click should be driving lights. Second click should be full headlights. Unless the pre face lift is different but it shouldn't be.


My guess would honestly be to take it somewhere. But easy things are to first check your fuses. Since all the lights work at some point I'm thinking it's not that but maybe the actual stalk. Do your dash lights work properly?



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