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05 LGT 5MT - Wiring Harness for O2 & Trans Related Sensors

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Hi All,


I just had the transmission rebuilt in my 2005 Legacy GT and I am almost done installing it in the vehicle, however it appears a harness or two may have been lost by the person who performed the rebuild. I'm hoping someone can provide so assistance as to what I need to purchase. Currently, I have two connectors right about the transmission that don't plug into anything, pictured here:



I also have two connectors on the transmission which I assume are for neutral sensor and reverse lights, pictured here:





Additionally, I cannot figure out where to plug in the downstream O2 sensor, as it will not reach either of the connectors located on top of the transmission pictured above. It seems to me that I should have two harnesses, one for the two transmission sensors and another for the O2 sensor. Can anyone confirm that the two connectors on top of the transmission are infact for the downstream O2 sensor and the two transmission sensors (neutral and reverse)? I've contacted the person who performed the rebuild and he cannot find either harness, but I'm quite certain I sent them along with the trans accidentally. Thank you for your help

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