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Sound system volume/bass BOOM without warning

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This has happened to me twice. About 5 weeks ago I was rolling to a stop sign behind a police car and he pulled over to the side to park. As I passed, my radio changed from a volume of 10 to EARTH-SHATTERING LOUD with the bass as deep as it could go - I literally ducked because it felt like an airplane had hit me - surreal and overpowering reverb! I turned the volume down, but it didn’t reset until I turned the car off and back on. (A tick up to volume level 1 was MUCH louder than my normal 10). A friend mentioned that perhaps it was a frequency issue related to the police car radio, so I didn’t pursue it. Yesterday, I got a spam call, hit IGNORE on the display and BOOM! I ended up ducking/jumping out of my skin again... def. unnerving how loud and how deep the bass vibrated through my body! Took me two restarts to clear the issue that time.


Anyone experience this, have a guess as what is going on? I have a service appointment early next week and the bleeping appointments person asked “is it still like now, because if it isn’t, they really can’t do anything...”. The car has <17k miles and a problem like that has to be ongoing for them to diagnose it??? She warned of a diagnostics fee, etc. Help appreciated - if I have some ammo of others with the issue, perhaps they actually do their warranty work. Thanks.

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Sounds like the internal electronics or external volume controls that control the volume went haywire IE what I call electronic infant mortality. My guess is you will get a new radio since your still under warranty. The police radio does not have the power to affect the car radio.
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Possible issues:

-- You have a limited which comes with an amp, which I believe is located under the passenger seat. If it gets wet or shorts out, world hold on.

-- You have a bad control connection or short in the steering-wheel-mounted remote volume control.

-- Your radio is end of life. It will need to be replaced.

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