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2016 Legacy Outside Trunk Release Button

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Well found out something new today on the 2016 subaru legacy outside trunk release button. Thought I would share it with everyone. Bought my car several mouths ago and could never get the outside trunk release button to open the trunk. It would work off the key fob and the inside push button, but would never work off trunk button.


So finally today I was like enough lol. So read online countless treads, looked in manual. Nothing. So went outside and started looking at the trunk latch and noticed the safety release for inside was not locked into place.


So I moved it up down see if it still worked and finally pushed it down and back tell it locked back into place. Shut the trunk and tried the button on back trunk and it worked. I was like could be that simple the safety release being moved out of place made outside button not function. Crazzy the inside and key fob still did, it just stopped the outside trunk button from working.


So beings I seen no treads on this problem with outside trunk release button not working, I decided to write this to give people something to look at. Cause almost took it to the dealer just so they could say replace the trunk release button.



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I never got to open my trunk thru pushing the button under the truck. I always thought the car wasn't equipped with it. Gonna give it a try tomo.


This is going to sound obvious .... but make sure you have your key fob with you (or in your pocket ) ... I find that unless the key fob is very close, the trunk will not open by manually by pulling on the handle.

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Yea had key fob in my hand, but it would never work. Still gas it moments. Just have to keep pushing the emergency release back into place lol. Say other owner must snagged it on something. Probably going have replace the latch later on.
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