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Mishimoto radiator fitment

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I've searched for this before anyone says to do so. Besides the usual "trim the radiator hoses" solution, my issue is different. It seems that the radiator is just a little bit taller? It's sits higher than the oem and I'm using the original lower bushings by at least a half inch. All things considered I'm going to use a thin rubber material in its place to bring it down. Too late to turn back and my oem radiator is now a target in the back yard lol....


Anybody else have this happen? Everywhere I looked this is a direct fit part, and all photo images I see it sits flush. If not, at least it will come up in a search for anyone else who is going this route to be aware of.

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Yeah its seated in the bushings all the way. Mmradsti08. I purchased this one because every review was the same as others at the time. It's been in the garage for the last few years waiting for me to install....

I'll just cut the bushings or like I mentioned put some rubber padding in their place.

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I have the same one. What part isn’t sitting flush?

For mine, the left side that’s under the intake is flush, but the right side with the inlet and cap sits higher above the front. I can post a pic when I get home tonight if that might help.

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