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HELP!!! Excessive Oil Consumption

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I have a 2005 Legacy GT with 188k. Just had every single gasket in the motor replaced, water pump, valve seals, the whole nine yards. I am going through about 8 quarts of oil/3000 miles.


I thought it was the turbo. I replaced the turbo with a brand new one and it's still drinking oil like it's its job. Compression is 120lbs on each cylinder.


Especially on deceleration, it will let out a grayish smoke from the exhaust pipe that reeks of oil. I am out of ideas, and the person that did the maintenance is pretty much saying that I am SOL.


It didn't really start doing this until I got the car back, but it has been too long of me changing parts for him to be able to do anything under warranty. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Where should I start??

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Easiest way to diagnose would be to pull out the spark plugs and see if any is oily or have extra soot, then use a boroscope to inspect the cylinders.



If all spark plugs look the same then you have a common problem for all cylinders, but if one stands out it's a problem there.



Since it's on deceleration I suspect at least a cracked oil ring on one cylinder. So a teardown and inspection to see where to go from there.



Been there with the issues of smoke on deceleration on a Volvo B18 and it was a cracked ring and oil ring. New pistons+rings installed with the engine in the car in a garage with gravel floor. The worst problem with that operation was to get off the oil tray on that engine due to a baffle on the oil tray making it hang up on the oil pump.



But since this is a boxer engine you'd have to pull the engine to get access.

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