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Possible vacuum or MAF issue

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So I just finished getting the engine rebuilt after a spun rod bearing. I put it all back together and have it back in the car. I started it up and it immediately dies. No codes so I cleared the ECU anyway. Tried several more times with no joy, it's also super rich running. Pulled the MAF and starts right up and is running very well at that point. Although it idles at 1900-2000 RPM but is at 14.7 according to my AEM wideband. That makes me think I've got a pretty significant vacuum leak somewhere. I'm going to smoke it out tonight and see what I can find. Does anybody else have any ideas to look for?
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Heres a good write up on vac leaks for these cars we did a while back.




hope that helps.




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Thanks for pointing me to that write up! I picked up some starting fluid and sprayed it at the drivers side TGV while running and it picked up RPM. Re-torqued the intake bolts and same result. I’m going to pull it all off and see if I have the gasket boogered up.
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