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How to register the seat setting?

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I just purchased a used 2018 Legacy 3.6r Limited. I read the manual but I was not clear on it yet. I've also watched some Youtube video but still I'm unable to set the seating. Here's what I did.

  1. Adjust the seat the way I wanted.
  2. Turn the engine off
  3. Press the set and the 1 butt at the same time


I did not hear any beep indicating that was set. What do I need to do? Once I have the seat setting registered, I also need to set the remote as well.

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Transmission in P, push Set and hold it in while you push 1 or 2. It will beep when it is set. If you are registering it with the key FOB the procedure is a little more complex but the one listed in the owner's manual on pages 1-6 & 1-7 should work. Edited by tumbleweed 49
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Nope. It’s easy. You can be driving and setting the memory function will still work.


1. Find your favorite seating position.

2. Press and hold the Set button first, then while it’s still pressed, press and hold the the 1 or 2 and you’ll hear the beep.


You’re done.


This works on my 2018.

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